Brown Kraft

With the growing concern of environment protection, brands have adopted new measures to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment. Creating a greener packaging was one of them, discarding plastic lamination, using water-based inks and environment friendly papers such as BROWN KRAFT.

Brown kraft paper is more ecological than any other papers since its production does not involve any bleaching process. It also offers a high tear resistance which results in strong and durable shopping bags, while being economical. Last but not least, brown kraft paper packaging has a natural and rough filling that has become trendy among companies promoting their actions to protect the environment.

Brown Kraft is Eco-friendly

-Does not involve any bleaching process

Brown Kraft is sturdy

-High tear resistance

-More durable bags

Brown kraft is trendy

-Natural and rough fibers that consumers see as Eco-friendly: a company that cares!

Here are some examples of brown kraft paper bags and boxes we have produced. Brown Kraft can be luxury too!

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