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Alain Figaret lance sa ligne premium Black Labe

Alain Figaret segmente son offre. La marque française, spécialiste de la chemise haut de gamme, s’offre une ligne premium baptisée Black Label.

Chemise Black Label, Extra-Slim Fit – Alain Figaret

Le signe distinctif de celle-ci : un bouton bijou de nacre noire. Positionné au deuxième bouton depuis le col, la marque précise que « ce bouton très précieux provient des huîtres noires de l’espèce Pinctada cultivées dans les lagunes des atolls de Polynésie Française. Cette nacre offre de merveilleuses nuances changeantes dans toutes les tonalités de gris ».

Au-delà de ce détail chic, ces plus de 20 chemises sont toutes conçues avec des produits haut de gamme. La marque utilise notamment des cotons égyptiens (Giza 87) ou Sea Island. « Le Sea Island est un des tissus les plus précieux au monde, précise la marque. Le coton est cultivé exclusivement dans les Caraïbes, tout proche du littoral. Il est récolté à la main et traité avec un soin extrême. Le toucher est extrêmement soyeux et fin. »

Chemises pour homme et femme – Alain Figaret

Le Black Label propose quatre coupes, une large palette de cols et se décline du blanc aux variations de bleu et de gris pour offrir des chemises intemporelles. Les finitions sont également travaillées avec des coutures anglaises extra-plates et des piqûres de 7,5 points au centimètre.

Les chemises Black Label sont proposées chez l’homme et la femme. Là où les chemises classiques de la marque sont présentées entre 105 et 150 euros chez l’homme et 119 et 169 euros chez la femme, les produits Black Label atteignent les 215 euros. La ligne s’appuie sur des éléments distinctifs avec des étiquettes noires ainsi qu’avec un packaging et un merchandising dédiés.

Corner au Bon Marché – Alain Figaret

La marque compte 18 boutiques en France et deux corners Homme à Paris aux Galeries Lafayette et au Printemps, sur le Boulevard Haussmann. La marque vient d’installer un corner au Bon Marché, baptisé (WO)men. L’espace d’une vingtaine de mètres carrés est situé au premier niveau du grand magasin de la rive gauche parisienne.

Source: Fashionmag.com

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Swarovski brings holiday sparkle to Galeries Lafayette Beijing

Galeries Lafayette Beijing store facade

Precision cut-crystal maker Swarovski is embellishing Galeries Lafayette’s Beijing flagship store for the holiday season with its Sparkling Christmas campaign.

From Nov. 14 through Dec. 26, Galeries Lafayette Beijing will be transformed into a “crystal palace,” with a pop-up shop, window displays and exclusive collections by local designers. Getting prime placement within a department store for the important holiday shopping season keeps a brand top-of-mind as consumers search for gifts.

“Galeries Lafayette has a differentiated approach to the Chinese market, as a showplace of its traditional French chic, as well as a curator local designers,” said Marie Driscoll, CEO and chief consultant of Driscoll Advisors, New York.

“This will be a festival of lights, attracting the passerby to the store and the story of the Swarovski brand,” she said. “The pop-up will allow the shopper to take home a piece of this extravaganza.”

Ms. Driscoll is not affiliated with Galeries Lafayette or Swarovski, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Swarovski and Galeries lafayette were unable to comment before press deadline.

Sparkling celebration
Swarovski will brighten the Galeries Lafayette façade with LED lights.

The brand’s displays within Galeries Lafayette center on crystallized monsters. Window displays show mannequins with abnormal faces crafted out of feathers, geometric shapes or lights, wearing some of the approximate exclusive pieces featuring Swarovski elements.

Swarovski Galeries monster
Display at Galeries Lafayette

Streetwear label BAPE placed Swarovski crystals in the outline of the pattern of its iconic shark hoodie, while San Francisco-based Chictopia also used elements to dress up hoodies with red monster faces.

Designer Chi Zhang, born in Beijing but educated in fashion in the United Kingdom and Milan, returned home with a permanent showroom in Beijing. His exclusives for the collection are a ladylike circle skirt and dress.

Sparkling Christmas at Galeries Lafayette Beijing

Masha Ma and Wang Peiyi both embellished their designs with female faces.

In addition to the available fashions, there were also 45 works of art and exhibit pieces created for show.

Swarovski Galeries Lafayette map
Map of Swarovski Galeries Lafayette takeover

At 8 p.m. on Nov. 14, Galeries Lafayette is hosting a launch party for the campaign, including appearances by local designers Mr. Peiyi and Ye Mingzi among others.

There will also be a fashion show and cocktail party, with wine and snacks.

With a purchase of a Swarovski item from Nov. 14-16, consumers are entered into a drawing. Prizes includes Swarovski fine watches, crystal pendants, a business card holder and other assorted pieces from the brand.

“Consumers are likely to be enchanted by the event,” Ms. Driscoll said. “The cyrstals are beyond compare and set a magical festive spirit.

“On the heels of the Singles Day shopping marathon, the French and Austrians may create a bigger Christmas shopping holiday in China.”

China is an important market for Swarovski, which has shown its dedication to the country with a rapid expansion. According to WWD, the brand is opening 25-30 stores in China each year.

Global appeal
The crystal monsters theme ties into Galeries Lafayette’s Christmas campaign at its Paris flagship.

Galeries Lafayette is looking to delight children of all ages with a quirky monster-themed Christmas campaign, which launched Nov. 5.

From actors frolicking around the store in costume to animated window displays, consumers will have a number of opportunities to catch sight of the cast of creatures at the retailer’s flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. For the 150,000 daily visitors expected during the holiday season, this campaign will likely amuse and inspire.

Swarovski has a heritage of supporting fashion designers in multiple countries, a legacy it is continuing with this Beijing celebration.

The brand hand-picks a number of fashion designers each season to show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York as part of its Swarovski Collective.

In addition to providing financial support to the designers, the brand gives them crystals to use in their designs. Swarovski is able to showcase its own creativity through this project, as well as show its good citizenship within the fashion industry.

This in-store holiday takeover will benefit both Swarovski and Galeries Lafayette.

>”Swarovski’s Crystal Palace and store decorations are ‘eye candy’ captivating the passerby to the benefit of both, and a partnership with Galeries Lafayette provides Swarovski with exposure to large numbers of potential customers,” Ms. Driscoll said. “For the Swarovski brand this alliance brings an element of fun and fashion to the 120+ year-old business.”

Source: luxurydaily.com

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