CHIBIMART fair: Consumeo’s insight

For you this month Consumeo took a look at the Chibimart fair in Milan. This “Cash and Carry” fair gathers young artists with a lot of talent. And because joy is better shared we are happy to share our favorite collections with you.

Let’s start with SENSORIA.

The design of this collection is right on time for the autumn season with a structure that is clearly inspired by Mother Nature and its leafless branches during this time of the year.


SENSORIA also went for very interesting necklaces that you can almost use as a scarf. But you might want to put something warmer on top of it.


Talking about warmth SENSO is bringing us a collection inspired by the colors and patterns of Africa.


The use of leather, pearls and bright colors is a free ticket to the land of the Maasai.

And last but not least, PRETTI, that reminds us that this fair wasn’t only about jewelry but also about accessories.




Their bags are leather made with various patterns and strings. And because fashion is all about matching your accessories all together PRETTI developed a collection of necklaces and bracelets to go with the bags.




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