UpCouture: Corrects posture with T shirt

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No matter what you are wearing, a good posture helps transmit an aura of confidence that helps to make almost any outfit look attractive. The Up T-shirt from French label, UpCouture uses organic cotton and a patented set of elastic bands to adjust the shoulders and create a beautiful profile.

Whether it is hovering over a smartphone at the bus stop or hunched in front of a computer desk at work, the human spine has taken a beating from demands of the modern era. To help ease back pain and improve posture, UpCouture has introduced the Up T-shirt. Thin elastic bands are incorporated into the organic cotton shirt to guide the shoulders into a more comfortable position and remind the wearer of their body. Made locally in France, UpCouture is able to retain control over every millimeter of its production.

“My desire to improve posture was due to the fact that I primarily wanted to improve my own posture in front of my computer and there was nothing efficient in the market for that. I really wanted an efficient and comfortable system (not inefficient and uncomfortable straps). And once I had found the system, I wanted it in something aesthetically nice and high-quality to wear.” says designer Neda Naef.

The Up T-shirt is available in both men and women’s styles in short, three-quarters, and long sleeves. The basic, classic cuts range from $175 to $206 each. Able to be worn solo or as an undergarment, the shirt assists in keeping the wearer standing tall and proud.

Source: ecouterre.com

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