Una de 50 works with top model

The Spanish jewellery and accessories brand’s new collection tours ten fashion capitals with the famous international top model.

With 52 shops of its own in Spain and more than 20 distributed between America, Europe and the Middle East, plus 4,000 PoS in 25 markets, Uno de 50 has now looked to Spain’s most international top model to help it design pieces conjuring up the spirit of ten global cities in its most cosmopolitan collection to date.

One bracelet takes inspiration from Barcelona’s modernism. The Milan necklace is reminiscent of the Duomo’s spires. Earrings commemorate Paris and the necklace dedicated to Rome evokes the ruins of its ancient empire. Eugenia’s birthplace Madrid is represented by a bracelet which draws on her childhood memories. Berlin is the leitmotiv of a bracelet in rocker style, while another necklace conjures up picturesque Antwerp. Necklace Miami, the city where Uno de 50 first went global back in 2008, is as sexy and fun as the city to which it pays tribute. The blue skies of Los Angeles are reproduced in another necklace and ring, while a special limited edition necklace recalls some of the peerless corners of the city of New York.

Uno de 50 was founded in 1996 with the aim of offering innovative and exclusive designs. Today its jewellery and fashion accessories are synonymous with quality Spanish design. In 2012, the company turned over €20 mill. and estimates growth of 60% in 2013, reaching an export rate of 53%.

Source: Fashion from Spain, August 2013

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