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PRECIOUS SURFACE \ˈpreshəs ˈsərfis\

n 1 a: A patented infusion technology that deposits 24kt gold into leather, silk, or fur, leaving the material texture unchanged. b: A nanotechnology deposition process where precious metal embedded into a fabric rather than coated onto a material, allowing the metal to take on the characteristics of soft and supple surfaces. c: Looks like pure natural gold, but feels and acts like fabric or leather. d: Independently tested material, certified to be pure gold deposited on fabric. 2: Adhesion of the precious metal is at a molecular level, allowing for higher quality and durability of the metallic fabrics 3 a: Material first debuted by Italian fashion brand Mi Piaci, maker or luxury handbags and accessories.

Until now, people have heard of 24 karat gold ornaments, which are very popular in countries like India. In some Asian countries, there are traditional costumes that have a gold thread woven in it or have golden borders. These are generally worn during special occasions and ceremonies.

But with the advent of Precious Surface technology, affluent people can look forward to have their complete outfit made of gold. A breakthrough has been achieved on this new technology by New York-based Mi Piaci, which has developed 24 karat gold nanotechnology infused into various textiles and fibers including leather, silk and fur.

Speaking to fibre2fashion, managing director of Mi Piaci, Ms. Mackenize Valk said, “We have developed the world’s first 24kt gold nanotechnology, which has been named Precious Surface technology. This revolutionary technology allows for the infusion of 24kt gold into leathers, silks, furs, and other various textiles and fibers.”

The process begins directly from the gold bullion slabs. The atom of gold blends with the surface of the leather, silk or fur surface leaving the textile of the material unaltered and gold becomes fluffy like fur, smooth like leather and soft like silk.

According to Ms. Valk, the Precious Surface technology is significant because unlike topical treatments such as gold leaf or gold foil, Mi Piaci is actually able to adhere 24kt gold to fibers on a molecular level.

When asked about the targeted market for 24 karat gold products, Ms. Valk says, “Our main focus will be to develop the brand in the US market and we feel that our products will appeal to customers in China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Italy.”


Source: fiber2fashion and ecouterre

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