Kering: Meshes in-store and online experience

Luxury conglomerate Kering launched global ecommerce options for six of its luxury brands and is making the in-store and online experience seamless for its customers.

This ecommerce upgrade comes as part of the partnership with Italian Internet retailer Yoox Group. Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent Paris, Sergio Rossi and Stella McCartney are now using Yoox’s technology to simplify the shopping experience for consumers.

“Through this partnership we are expanding our global digital presence to offer an exclusive online shopping experience that is seamless for our customers and parallel to our in-store experience,” said Laurent Claquin, head of Kering Americas, New York.

“Our customers can browse or shop on our ecommerce sites in more than 100 countries and shopping can be as easy as three clicks away,” he said.

“Each of the six brands that have been launched to date are supported by the cutting-edge Yoox platform, which lends 12 years of experience in fashion ecommerce and a global expertise in powering mono-brand online stores.”

Easy as one, two, three
This digital renovation comes as the first big step in the partnership between Kering and Yoox that was established last August.

Through Kering’s alliance with Yoox, six of the conglomerate’s luxury brands are likely to benefit from the simplified shopping experience and reach more shoppers in areas where boutiques are not accessible.

Yoox was able to open up the brands’ ecommerce operations to include more countries around the world.

Saint Laurent Paris ecommerce options

Through these new sites, customers will have an easier shopping experience that will not take away from the brand’s digital content.

“Our customers can readily navigate their favorite shopping sites for Bottega Veneta or Alexander McQueen or our other four luxury brands, and preview great photos of our products from multiple angles and purchase the items in an easy manner,” Mr. Claquin said.

“At the same time, our brands have full control over their online stores,” he said. “

“We provide them with the creative freedom to decide on the products available, photos, content and artistic direction.”

Balenciaga ecommerce site

Shopping upgrade
A few Kering brands have also recently revamped Web and mobile tools to keep consumers interested and engaged.

For instance, Bottega Veneta aimed for a boost in ecommerce through a revamped Web site that offers large product images in a simplified layout.

The label is promoting the site through its social media by using the hashtag #DiscoverTheNextChapter. Fashion marketers should make sure that their Web sites are constantly updated to promote ecommerce and remain relevant to consumers.

Also, Italian fashion house Gucci quadrupled mobile revenue and experienced a 70 percent growth in mobile conversion since the beta launch of its optimized Web site for iOS and Android devices.

Gucci rolled out its permanent mobile-optimized site to let consumers browse and purchase products on their smartphone. Since the beta test run in December, the fashion house saw mobile revenue increase to four times what it was during the same time last year in addition to a 70 percent increase in mobile conversion since then.

Since more consumers are using digital means to learn about products, luxury brands need to be able to deliver the same in-store experience to consumers over other shopping platforms such as mobile and online.

“With all our brands, we strive to deliver the best online shopping experience,” Mr. Claquin said. “Specifically with the luxury brands, it is important for the online experience to maintain the allure and high standards of the in-store experience.

“More and more, we’re seeing consumers look to do much of their research or shopping online,” he said. “Our goal is to provide the ease of online shopping with the unique luxury aesthetic of an in-store visit.

“Ecommerce is a key strategic priority for Kering, and through this partnership with Yoox we’re looking to make our portfolio of flagship stores accessible all over the world.”


Source: Luxury Daily

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