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Christmas Envelopes

Gift boxes, paper bags with a bow, you have probably done something similar in the past.  For Christmas how about Gift Envelope Bags?  Their construction is simple yet it is an efficient and inexpensive packaging to promote your brand. It simply consists of an envelope with a flap that can be easily carried thanks to a handle. No need for an extra bag to carry it, that makes it even more economical.  Contact us for a free quote, June is THE month to work on those projects!

Envelope Bags are an excellent Christmas packaging alternative since they pull double duty.  They do the work of a gift box and paper bat at the checkout. You save time and money! (Not to mention warehouse and in store storage space).

It’s easy to get creative with these bags: you can change the paper, handle and the type of ribbon to make a Christmas collectible that is sure to please.

Let us know how we can help you make this Christmas a memorable one for your clients.
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Donatella Versace ha scelto New York per lanciare la nuova piattaforma online e perpresentare la capsule collection firmata dallo stilista britannico JW Anderson, dedicata alla donna e all’uomo. Questa punta a un guardaroba condivisibile e su tre temi tipici del marchio: il colore, lo spacco e il grafismo bianco e nero. Cosi’ anche gli uomini osano con dei top a fascia oppure canotte monospalla, trattenute solo da lacci sulla schiena.

Alcuni modelli Versus Versace presentati a New York

La capsule collection disegnata da JW Anderson per Versus Versace rimette in gioco con audacia e intensità maschile e femminile, la sensualità e i leggendari codici del brand. Al giovane stilista britannico è stata data carta bianca per interpretare Versus Versace attraverso i suoi occhi. Il risultato: provocazione, aria di sfida, contestazione e nuove percezioni che si sovrappongono a quelle consolidate. «L’idea alla base della collezione è un Versus Versace moderno, graffiante, che punta ad un guardaroba universale e da condividere» dichiara JW Anderson, «un uomo nel guardaroba di una donna, e una donna in quello di un uomo.»

Alcuni modelli Versus Versace presentati a New York

Grande novità, in linea con le esigenze delle giovani generazioni che ormai vivono sempre connesse, la capsule è stata messa in vendita immediatamente, il 15 giugno stesso, su «Versus Versace è una rivoluzione nella moda. È stato pensato per una nuova generazione che vive online, che non vuole aspettare l’uscita del nuovo look e che ama condividere le proprie passioni con la comunità globale. Prende il DNA di Versace e lo trasforma in qualcosa di completamente nuovo. Versus Versace rappresenta il futuro e… Siamo solo all’inizio» dichiara Donatella Versace.

La collezione infatti, si arricchirà sull’online e grazie ad una vera e propria evoluzione, potrà soddisfare le richieste della nuova tribù globale di Versus Versace. Una capsule collection e progetti speciali firmati da stilisti e collaboratori appositamente invitati (JW Anderson è solo il primo) affiancheranno la collezione. Il risultato è una comunità viva che condivide energie e idee, all’insegna del carattere del nuovo Versus Versace.



Givenchy has seen good growth in Shanghai. Photo: Bloomberg

Givenchy, a unit of French luxury goods giant LVMH, plans to triple its number of stores in China over the next two years as other luxury brands scale back their expansion plans amid an anti-corruption campaign led by President Xi Jinping.

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Sebastian Suhl, chief executive of Givenchy since March last year, said the fashion brand would speed up its bold expansion plan by increasing the number of outlets to 30 from about 10 in major cities such as Shanghai and Tianjin. The brand is luring young Chinese consumers with trendy yet competitively priced ready-to-wear products.

Suhl, a former chief operating officer for Italian brand Prada, said the mainland’s relatively fast economic growth and rising middle class were driving his expansion plan, even though he is aware of a pledge by the president to clean up endemic corruption, which is often associated with giving luxury gifts such as handbags and jewellery.

“Concern about the crackdown on the luxury goods market on the mainland is likely to be temporary because China needs to promote domestic consumption by boosting the consumer discretionary sector, such as services and non-essential goods,” Paris-based Suhl said.

Numerous reports have highlighted that the mainland’s much publicised crackdown on extravagant consumption has played a significant role in the slowdown in the luxury market, especially after Xi launched a policy to discourage officials from displays of wealth and lavish spending. Some Chinese officials are known to expect bribes in the form of luxury goods and meals at upmarket restaurants.

The veteran brand manager said Givenchy’s first boutique on the mainland, which opened in Shanghai in December, had shown “high single-digit” growth in revenue and earnings at a time when other rivals had stopped opening new outlets.

“Our more diversified product line, including leather goods, ready-to-wear for both men and women, helps us to weather the economic cycle,” he added.

Earlier, the Italian brand Gucci, owned by PPR, said it would not open any new stores on the mainland this year after growth in the Chinese market fell sharply to single digits last year.

LVMH, the world’s largest luxury group with more than 60 luxury brands, said it would not open new stores in second and third-tier cities after noticing a preference for luxury shoppers to head to the big cities.

Source: South China Morning Post Online, May 2013


Research reveals impact of recession on customer loyalty.
The rise of the “savvy shopper”

New research from Aimia, the global loyalty group behind the Nectar programme, has identified a “new breed of savvy shopper” who puts value for money above brand loyalty.

The White Paper called “The rise of the savvy shopper – the impact of the recession on customer loyalty” questioned more than 2,000 consumers in the UK and gives a detailed analysis of changing consumer attitudes and shopping behaviour.

Key findings include:

  • 64% of UK shoppers are actively using reward programmes
  • 78% admit to collecting points whenever they can
  • 66% say they always use vouchers or coupons when shopping
  • 77% are more careful with money than they used to be

The report warns marketers that customer loyalty is harder to obtain in today’s marketplace and that they must work harder in order to build long-standing customer relationships. While the traditional approach of aggressive promotions and steep discounting may generate short-term gain during a difficult economic climate, the report points out that today’s consumers want to be rewarded and recognised for their loyalty.

Aimia therefore offers the following 10 top tips for marketers that set out how to build long-standing customer relationships:

  • Design rewards to appeal to specific behaviour segments. By understanding which behaviour segments make up your customer base, you can design rewards to appeal to their needs.
  • Avoid drastic programme changes. When evolving your reward programme, tread carefully. Roll out changes over time, and give your customers enough time to absorb the shock.
  • Use data to personalise. Personalise customer interactions by using your customer data to create shopper profiles and identify likely next purchases.
  • Empower your frontline staff. If customers experience problems, make sure your frontline staff have the training and authority to offer real-time solutions.
  • Use data to get closer to your customers. Target your marketing directly to customers rather than through third-party channels.
  • Rectify and reassure in real time. Hearing what consumers have to say about your business on social media channels is an effective way for you to check your business is delivering on its brand promises.
  • Make your customers feel like individuals. A “one-size-fits-all” approach to customer relations is no longer relevant or appropriate.
  • Invest in long-term customer value. Investment in loyalty comes not solely from quarterly impact, but from customer lifetime value.
  • Use data and customer insight to drive profitable behaviour change over the long term, and the compounding effect of your loyalty investment will pay dividends over time.
  • Aspire to be more than just a loyalty programme. Make your loyalty programme more distinctive, connect your brand with new and exciting experiences to create true value and stand-out. This is no time for ease and comfort.

“While the recession has forever altered the way consumers evaluate brands and make purchase decisions, the fundamental rules of customer loyalty still apply,” says Maria Sealey, director of research services at Aimia.

“The new ‘savvy shoppers’ expect savvier marketers – and to build relationships with them, marketers must focus on the basic loyalty drivers while using data science and customer insight to deliver targeted combinations of reward and recognition,” she continues. “There is not a one-size-fits-all approach; instead marketers must make the best use of data available to them to tailor their efforts accordingly.”


Source:  Womenswear Buyer Online, May 17 2013


El grupo español, que genera el 85% de su negocio en mercados internacionales, es ya el sexto grupo mundial en su sector.

Durante el ejercicio 2012, las ventas de Puig han alcanzado los 1.488 millones de euros. El beneficio neto ha ascendido a 173 millones de euros, un 12% más que el año anterior.

El 85% del negocio se ha generado en mercados internacionales, porcentaje que hace 5 años era del 64%. En 2012, Puig ha aumentado su cuota de mercado por encima del 8%, situándose en sexto lugar del ranking mundial de perfumería selectiva.

La compañía destaca la contribución a estos resultados de la notable evolución de los lanzamientos CH Men Sport de Carolina Herrera y el imbatible éxito en los lineales de todo el mundo de 1 Million de Paco Rabanne, junto con la acogida de las novedades Black XS L’Excès y Lady Million EdT.

La apuesta del Grupo por los mercados emergentes ha hecho que en 2012 el 45% de las ventas se genere ya fuera de Europa y Estados Unidos. Ejemplos de éxitos son la filial rusa, creada en 2011, que creció un 69%, y la filial de Brasil, creada en 2010, que aumentó sus ventas un 45%.

Durante 2013 abrirá filial comercial en Arabia Saudí y, en septiembre, inaugurará nuevas oficinas en los parisinos Champs-Élysées. En 2014, tal y como estaba previsto, estrenará sede en Barcelona.

En la actualidad, Puig vende sus productos en más de 130 países y cuenta con filiales en 21 de éstos.

Source: Fashion from Spain May 2013


Miami, FL – April 16, 2013 – Just in time for Earth Day, Planet Ocean is a brand new environmental documentary directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot. The Miami premiere was on Tuesday at the Adrienne Arsht Center where luxury Swiss watchmaker OMEGA hosted a screening and cocktail party with the SurfRider Foundation. Larsa and Scottie Pippen, along with Adrienne and Chris Bosh, were just some of the big supporters of the night. OMEGA actually invented the first diving watch in 1932, so it was only natural that they would fund Planet Ocean, with the goal of raising awareness for ocean protection. The 90-minute documentary is narrated by actor Josh Duhamel and directed by acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand of the nonprofit GoodPlanet. OMEGA also created a special, limited edition watch to promote the film- the GoodPlanet Planet Ocean- with proceeds going to mangrove protection in Southeast Asia.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Larsa & Scottie Pippen

Brice LeTroadec, Scottie & Larsa Pippen


Source: World Red Eye


“These wine packages were designed as an interactive way for the consumer to try an assortment of wines. The One Week Wine Sample sets helps consumers get over bad days (job loss, failed exam, fender bender) or to celebrate good ones (birthdays, a raise, new house). The word fill-in lets people express themselves and transforms the package into an engaging experience.

Whether consumed by one person over a week, or shared one night with a few friends, these 1/2 litre wine boxes are perfectly proportioned for any day good or bad.”


Source: Lovely Package, May 2013


Nadat Bestseller drie seizoenen een eigen event organiseerde in Berlijn, gaat het Deense modeconcern een samenwerking aan met Bread & Butter. De vakbeurs verhuurt deze zomer een ruimte van 6000 vierkante meter aan twaalf merken van Bestseller. Een opvallende zet: een half jaar geleden werden nog flink wat labels geweerd van de beursvloer.

Karl-Heinz Müller, directeur van Bread & Butter, zegt blij te zijn met de komst van alle twaalf Bestsellermerken: J. Lindeberg, Jack & Jones, Junarose, Mamalicious, Name It, Only, Object, Outfitters Nation, Pieces, Selected, Vero Moda en Vila. “Met de komst van Bestseller breiden we ons merkportfolio uit met een veelzijdige en belangrijke zakenpartner voor internationale retailers,” zegt Müller. “Bestseller en Bread & Butter zijn een perfecte match.”

Bestseller gaat de labels presenteren in de gehele Hangar 1 van de voormalige luchthaven Tempelhof, een ruimte van 6000 vierkante meter. Volgens het concern zullen veel klanten blij zijn dat ze niet meer naar de andere kant van de stad hoeven te reizen. Anders Holch Povlsen, eigenaar van Bestseller, zegt in een persbericht: “Bread & Butter is één van de weinige mode-evenementen die in de voorhoede van de markt blijft.”

Voorheen waren alleen de merken Selected, Vila en Object te vinden op de Berlijnse modebeurs. Er was geen plaats voor alle labels. Het modeconcern organiseerde daarom drie seizoenen lang een eigen mini-beurs van 4000 vierkante meter in de Arena, gelegen aan de oostelijke haven, met hapjes, gratis drank, en live muziek.

De komst van alle Bestsellermerken naar Bread & Butter is opvallend, nadat de beurs een opschoning hield van het merkbestand. Alleen merken met street- en urbanwear voor mannen en vrouwen, mochten het afgelopen seizoen nog hun collecties presenteren. Merken als Yaya, Tom Tailor en Wings of Wonder kregen een brief van de beursorganisatie met de mededeling dat ze niet meer welkom waren en dat ze terecht konden op het nieuwe mode-evenement Panorama. Het plan voor de editie van aankomende zomer was: een nòg strengere selectie.

Bread & Butter vindt plaats van 2 tot en met 4 juli 2013.

Source: Fashion United, May 2013


The Hub ist nach eigenen Angaben die erste exklusive Modemesse in Asien, die gezielt bestimmte Marken einlädt. Sie wird vom 28. bis 30. August 2013 im Asia World Expo Messezentrum in Hongkong stattfinden.

Die halbjährlich geplante Veranstaltung wird ihren Auftakt mit mehr als 100 internationalen Modemarken, 3.000 Besuchern des Einzelhandelssektor der Region und einer Reihe von dynamischen Ausstellern machen, die ihre Geschäfte in der Region starten, entwickeln oder erweitern wollen.

“Asien hat schon lange eine gut organisierte B2B-Messe gefordert, auf der internationale Modemarken Einzelhändler aus Asien treffen können. Erfolgreiche Shows wie Bread & Butter in Berlin und Project in NYC/Las Vegas wurden beide von Branchenexperten wie Richard und mir aufgebaut”, sagte Mitbegründer Peter Caplowe über das Entstehen der Messe zusammen mit Richard Hobbs.

Die 5.500 Quadratmeter große Ausstellungsfläche wird in die vier Style-Bereiche Heritage, Indigo, Street und Contemporary unterteilt. Unter den Ausstellern befinden sich Barbour, John Smedley, The Duffer of St George und Private White VC aus Großbritannien sowie Bailey of Hollywood aus den USA im Heritage-Bereich; Indigo und Studio d’Artisan aus Japan sowie Neuw aus Schweden und United Stock Dry Goods aus Kanada im Indigo-Bereich; Adidas Y3 aus Deutschland, Knowledge aus Hongkong, Haerfest aus den USA und Elvis Jesus aus Großbritannien im Street-Bereich und Swims aus Norwegen, Crumpler aus Australien, Orlebar Brown aus Großbritannien und Johanna Ho aus Hongkong im Contemporary-Bereich.

“Wir verstehen uns auf die Kunst, Marken in Asien aufzubauen und werden sicherstellen, dass Besucher eine angemessene und elegante Umgebung bei The Hub vorfinden, die dazu geschaffen ist, Geschäfte mit ersthaft interessierten Einkäufern und Partnern zu machen”, fügte Caplowe hinzu.

Auf Einkäuferseite erwartet The Hub Vertreter des Einzelhandels, von Kaufhäusern und Multibrand-Boutiquen der Region wie Lane Crawford, Harvey Nichols, Club 21, Primer, Isetan, MAP Group, Bauhaus, The Source, Bluebell und anderen. The Hub hat zudem Vereinbarungen mit Messe Frankfurt, The ManShow und der Shanghai Textile and Apparal Show getroffen, für die Veranstaltung zu werben.

“Angesichts einer auftrebenden Mittelschicht und einem größeren Bestreben nach Individualität und Auswahl für Verbraucher gab es niemals mehr Nachfrage nach internationalen Marken in Asien. Gleichzeitig bedeutet der steigende Druck auf regionale asiatische Einzelhändler von Seiten des riesigen Fast-Fashion-Massenmarkts, dass es keine bessere Zeit für diese Einzelhändler gibt, um mit seriösen Marken und solchen, die in der Region neu sind, zusammen zu arbeiten,” kommentierte Hobbs.


Source: FashionMag, May 13 2013



The prestigious British department store Harrods is celebrating the 180th anniversary of Jaeger-LeCoultre in style. The windows at the Harrods store on Brompton Road in the tony Knightsbridge neighborhood of London will be devoted to the Swiss watch manufacturer. One window will be dedicated to the Swiss company’s most complicated sonnerie, the Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie (which can chime the iconic melody of Westminster’s ‘Big Ben’ clock).

Hidden behind the Grande Sonnerie window, Harrods visitors can also discover a secret high complication room. A collector’s paradise, this room houses, for the first time in the UK the eight leading pieces of the Hybris Mechanica creations of the manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre and the very latest ‘Tribute to Antoine LeCoultre Jubilee watches’. Throughout the month of May, the store will recreate the world of Jaeger-LeCoultre, from a recreation of founder Antoine LeCoultre’s original 1833 workshop to a display of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 1,242 calibres, including the revolutionary Atmos clock. The manufacture will have experts on hand to demonstrate Jaeger-LeCoultre’s horological know-how, demonstrating the incredible work that goes into everything from the pinions and to the dial. Three different techniques mastered by Jaeger-LeCoultre will be featured; engraving (May 13-19, enameling (May 20-25) and gem setting (May 26-31).

Jérôme Lambert, the CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre, told Spears, ”One hundred and eighty years after the founding of our manufacture in Switzerland, Jaeger-LeCoultre has a following of watch connoisseurs in all corners of the world. Harrods truly being a “window to the world”, what better place to showcase the talent and expertise of the manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre in the very windows of this iconic destination?’

Meanwhile the managing director of Harrods, Michael Ward, said, “As luxury brand leaders we share an esteemed history and a great understanding of the true notion of luxury. Harrods continues to position itself as a global market leader within the fine watch industry and our partnership with Jaeger-LeCoultre enables us to further strengthen that reputation.’


Source:  Haute Times Website, May 2013