SUMMERTRENDS FOR 2013: the hottest trends of the Berlin fashion week

Cool sorbet colours, cute candy shades, subtle pastels or shockingly bright neon tones; this season’s colour palette has something for every taste, and makes for a vivid and commercial selling point.

Hot pinks and corals are still around and can be found in many key collections from mainstream to premium, however bright aqua shades and turquoise are emerging as the main trend shades of the season, along with acidic lime, lemon and kiwi, which are injecting a fresh colour burst into the palette.

The motto is clear: the brighter, the better, and old fashion rules don’t apply – colour mixing and clashing is a must. The same goes for prints, which appear bigger, bolder and more unusual this season.

Florals, Breton stripes, abstract graphics, scarf prints, animal prints, tie-dyes, wallpaper motifs, birds, palms and Hawaiian prints – everything goes and, ideally, a mix and clash of several themes in the same outfit.

What used to be a no-go is now a welcome new twist on old favourites, and colour plays a big part. Leopard print and florals? Tick, but try the leopard print in bright pink or orange, and the florals in daring tropical combinations for guaranteed eye-catchers.

In terms of product, blouses and dresses offer the usual popular backdrop for all of the above, but it’s trousers that have really come through as the leading fashion item, boasting both colour and prints and making for a versatile product group.

Of course, the younger and more directional end of the market will be at the forefront of this trend, but the majority of mainstream players have also embraced it and, from chinos to jeans or silk and cotton pants, every variety is represented and boasts statement prints.

For those not so daring or preferring a more classic look, s/s 13 still offers alternatives. Sophisticated desert shades and warm earthy hues also feature and, in combination, allow for a more understated take on summer dressing.

Layering particularly lends itself to this, so combinations of different lightweight materials and unstructured silhouettes as well as more relaxed takes on tailoring can be found. Overall, spring/summer 2013 is characterised by a return to femininity, while also encouraging us to be daring and have fun with fashion.

Source: Womenswear Buyer, 8 July 2012

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