REUSABLE BAGS: in fashion in schools

The sale of lunch boxes is on the rise again due to more and more schools becoming eco-friendly. Schools are heavily promoting the use of reusable bags with Tupperware as opposed to brown paper bags with plastic baggies. It is no longer in fashion to send children to school with lunches wrapped in plastic grocery bags with disposable plastic baggies and the pressure is on parents to comply with eco-friendly practices. The consensus from schools is that using eco friendly bags in schools has lessened the amount of plastic trash and has made students more aware of their daily imprint on our environment. The students have given feedback to teachers that they feel pride knowing they are acting responsibly and doing what they can to help lessen the amount of plastic waste being dumped into landfills and these lessons are reinforced in science class.

The issue of recycling has become a part of the curriculum in social studies and science.Parents also feel that using reusable bags with Tupperware has made their children more conscientious of keeping track of their belongings. It does require more effort from the children having to keep track of and bring home the same lunch box or reusable tote bags, however, this discipline has transferred over to other areas of importance as well, like keeping track of homework and sports equipment.

Make sure, as a parent, you have plenty of reusable grocery bags at home to use as lunch bags if by chance they are left on the bus or in a locker. It is a good idea to leave some in the car as well for spur of the moment shopping trips, and make washing the reusable bags part of doing laundry once a week. If you are collecting the bags and washing them once a week, they will stay sanitary, and you can make sure there are plenty disbursed throughout the kitchen and car. For more on the story of schools encouraging the use of reusable bags, go to the New York Times.

Source: Reusable Business, 12 September 2011

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