INTERFILIÈRE: 2013-2014 Autumn/Winter trends

No more froufrou, fantasy and extravagance. Women’s lingerie focuses on simplicity, elegance and classic style. But this does not mean a lack of innovation or originality. Beauty will now be found in the detail. Creativity and precision come together to produce ever more subtle work. More subtle, therefore more awesome in its impact. This tenacity is adapted to four major themes.

New Eve
A return to the roots of creation, the source, the original idea, the one that led to the pattern from which everything was born. Not forgetting modernity. The major classics are reinterpreted using new technology. Luxury, under the influence of Alexander McQueen, takes the form of eternally beautiful flowers

Black is back, a symbol of simplicity and understatement but also a canvas where all fantasies are allowed, the place where nature rids itself of superficial romanticism to become a shadowy Eros. The body is enhanced, lingerie modestly takes a back seat and eroticism reaches its peak.

Modernity becomes the new source of inspiration. This is no paradox but a determined return to simplicity. But in the face of current dangers, creation returns to the early twentieth century and its use of technology and new knowledge to construct a better and finer future.

Play Time
Designers from all over the world had a dream. A dream that transformed into reality, turning the world into a playful fantasy, without borders or aggression. A world where playfulness would be a sign of open-mindedness and not immaturity. A world with a striking virtuality.

Source: Le Blog, 9 July 2012

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