UNO DE 50 revamps its image

Uno de 50, one of Spain’s top international jewellery brands has just released its campaign image for the coming season. The originality that has been its hallmark since it was created in 1996 and is a key element in its success, makes its presence felt in this highly sophisticated image update. Uno de 50 has broken away from its previous history, launching an image that picks up on its essence, where a strong, sophisticated woman caresses a Spanish lynx — symbolising the “Made in Spain” element that is so much a part of the brand — and the exclusivity which its designs seek to communicate.

Global growth
After opening in Los Angeles and Tampa, Uno de 50 continues to grow in the Americas, having recently arrived in Mexico.

On 13 April, it opened for business in the Angelópolis mall in Puebla where all its collections are now available. The new boutique maintains the brand’s signature décor, where steel and wood contrast with mink-coloured walls and old oak floors.In the US, Uno de 50 also has short-term plans for its first shop in Hawaii. The Big Apple is also on the cards and the Spanish brand is currently looking for premises.

Uno de 50 has 24 shops of its own in Spain, 11 in the rest of the world, 28 retail corners in El Corte Inglés and a select choice of multi-brand retailers all over the world.

Source: Fashion from Spain, 7 May 2012

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